Think Hard Solutions

Think Hard Solutions is is a consulting firm focused on:

  • Agile HR operating models that are truly practical, complete with blue prints and tools.
  • Online platforms for HR leaders who want to leverage and learn from a global network of future-focused professionals.
  • Talent strategy frameworks that enable small businesses to compete with the biggest and best companies in the world.
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Heidi Garside

Founder and Principal Consultant

Heidi is an experienced corporate HR leader.  She started her career in HR Information Systems and HR Data in the highly regulated medical device industry.  Her end-to-end perspective and highly analytical thinking combined with her Agile experience as a product owner provided Heidi with a unique point-of-view as she grew her leadership oversight beyond HR Ops, Tech, and Analytics to include Talent Management and Total Rewards.  Not only does she know how to develop amazing leaders that embrace change, but her knack for managing work has driven her teams to gain incredible and measurable productivity, develop talent solutions that solve business problems and demonstrate ROI, and move quickly while managing change with precision coordination.