Think Hard Solutions offers HR transformation assessment solutions across Minnesota (MN) and beyond, for clients to better understand the current state of HR processes and how different HR areas (like recruitment, orientation, training, performance management, etc.) are affecting the overall employee performance and employee satisfaction. The objective is to perform a thorough Gap-Analysis and make a comprehensive assessment of what needs to be done in Human Resources department to use them to streamline organizational processes and effectiveness of the whole company.

All of this, can only become a possibility if we look at the HR transformation as a complete revamp of your HR Human Resources function to align them in line with your company’s business strategy. These changes for your HR, making them an integral part of your corporate strategy and vision, can only take place if people are more accepting of the needed changes. They key to achieving that objective is by making them understand WHY a change is required and WHAT the change is about.

We recognize the importance of understanding this simple principle, as highlighted by a broad range of industry-leading change specialists, which include cognitive psychologists and change theorists. When we think on an individual or personal level, we try to or decide to change some of our entrenched behaviors easily if we appreciate the benefits or necessity of that change for overall good for oneself. Similarly, in the context of business setting for the HR transformation to be effective, we use our expertise to help clients to capture the “Why” and use effective communication tools to address this question for their employees.

Our professional HR Transformation Assessment solutions, available for businesses across the state of Minnesota (MN), focuses on identifying individual and organizational readiness for the desired HR transformation. We also look at the bigger picture and connect our client’s Human Resources functions to not only look at the business strategy aspects, but also consider the macro-environmental trends and external factors in framing strategies for their business.

Furthermore, we always tell our clients that HR transformation is much more than just a success factor implementation. This may include other important factors, like

  • adapting your HR strategy according to your business needs,
  • defining the business case for HR precisely comprehensively,
  • incorporating IT (technology resources) within your HR function (HRIT)

The main goal of HR transformation assessment is setting the right priorities, and introducing comprehensive modifications in crucial HR areas such as training & development, business process design and change management. Our idea of HR transformation is more process-driven so that these HR changes positively impacts the business in the meaningful ways. However, it is absolutely crucial that the system is flexible to these changes and facilitates in letting your HR department be a strong strategic player within the organization, rather than be in conflict with it.

Often companies would neglect or overlook plenty of other crucial factors e.g. integration costs for HR changes, back filing costs, timeframe for broad change management, document control system for new standards, protocols and procedures.

In short, Think Hard Solutions believes that HR Transformation is effective when you take into consideration the user experience, data-driven metrics, HR automation aspects, as well as operational excellence. When you are sure about your current business position, you are better prepared to make the right decisions about your future Human Resources direction for quantitative and qualitative benefits.


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