The User-First Service Models and User-First Process Design will help your team break down functional silos by creating functional accountability and streamlining business processes while adding value for the staff and company personnel with every interaction with Human Resources department within your organization. The main objective of the model is to improve your organization’s productivity by making your business processes progressively efficient and increasing coordination among different business units.

At Think Hard Solutions, we believe that User-First Service Model can play a vital role for your business, in terms of providing strong organic revenue growth and increased market competiveness, thereby assisting your company to increase its market share by utilizing better managed internal resources and business systems.

User first service model

The User-First Service Model (to this day) has helped changed organizational models by focusing on the most important component of any organization i.e. the employees. Based on this model, our solutions enable you to offer more empowerment and increased autonomy for your employees; redefining job responsibilities in a simple and focused manner allowing employees to be dynamic and resourceful. It has focused on streamlining work-flow processes and associated ownerships of different steps within these processes for complex, ambiguous roles within and across business units.

All this means that there is conformity and clarity for the staff over the assigned work because of the well-defined instructions and task descriptions for task owners and their reporting authorities within their teams or units.

Furthermore, we know that this User-First Service Model will help improve your earnings through overall increase in staff output due to enhanced functional effectiveness at existing operations within each service line or areas of business. Through our HR solutions, we assist in driving your business model towards strong cash flow results letting your company to expand rapidly through organic growth if required, without external investing and resulting reduction in operation control.

This results in greater business productivity, in terms of personal growth of employees as well as the financial growth of the company – by focusing on boosting employee morale, while at the same time making them more accountable to the right stakeholders. In short, the User-First Service Model equips your business with useful tools to help expand your business and make it more competent in different market environments.


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